String Theory is a cello ensemble that was founded in 2011 at Columbia University where the group quickly rose as one of Columbia's most popular performing labels. Fusing several realms of music including jazz, classical, pop, and rock, String Theory performs original arrangements to audiences nationwide.

String Theory aims to challenge people to think creatively about classical instruments and inspire others to embark on stimulating musical journeys in their own unique ways.

On May 20, 2015, every member of String Theory graduated from Columbia University and is currently pursuing their own unique path. Steven conducts cancer research in Utah while applying to Medical school. Corinna studies at the Royal Academy in London for her Masters in Music. Nathan and Maddie are finishing up their last year at Juilliard for their Masters in Music. And lastly, Justin is working in New York as a Software Engineer at Google on the Machine Intelligence team under Google Research.

String Theory started as five unique paths united at Columbia. After Columbia, they have become five unique paths once more. However, a lifetime of friendship and casual jamming and performing in the future is never out of the question.

Columbia University

1996 Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10027


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